21 Apr 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Tested for HIV RIGHT NOW!

Wondering if you should get tested for HIV? Here are 5 reasons we think you should get tested right now!

Because some people don’t know their HIV status.

Nearly 1 in 5 people with HIV don’t know they are infected, don’t get HIV medical care, and can pass the virus on to others without knowing it. Only 28% of people with HIV are taking HIV medicine regularly and have their virus under control. Some people with HIV may not know they are infected because they have never displayed any symptoms or have not been tested. Taking the test is the only way to know for sure.

Because HIV testing is quick, easy, and FREE.

Our free and confidential HIV test only takes about 20 minutes and only needs a quick oral swab of the gums. Wondering what it’s like to take the oral HIV test? Check out this video from our GTCV Public Health Liaison, Stephanie. Did we mention that it’s free?!

Because it helps support your loved ones to get tested for HIV.

Get tested together. Your friend may be terrified or hesitant to get tested. Offer to buddy up and get tested together! Providing support for someone you care about is an excellent way to help reduce the spread of HIV and if your friend tests positive, you will become an important part of his or her support network.

Because it’s time to get tested for HIV.

Maybe you’ve never been tested or it’s been a while since your last HIV test. The CDC recommends HIV testing for everyone at least once in his or her life. If you are having unsafe sex or sharing injection drug equipment, you may benefit from more frequent testing (e.g., every 3 to 6 months). Testing early can help put your mind at ease and reduce the anxiety of not knowing.

Because knowing you HIV status can help you live a long and healthy life.

If you do have HIV, being diagnosed and treated at an early stage means that you have a better chance of living a long and healthy life. You also have a greater chance of protecting your immune system and protecting your partner. If you don’t have HIV you can learn how to stay that way.

Bonus Reason!

Because you always wanted to get information on PrEP and PEP but haven’t had the time to ask.

Have questions about PrEP or PEP? While you’re waiting for your test to process, our testing team can help you understand the benefits of PrEP and PEP and help you determine if it’s the right fit for you. You can also ask questions about other sexually transmitted infections and how to protect yourself.

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